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If you’re dreaming of the multifunctional device that would undertake all the cooking drudgery and could be simple to use, easy to clean and space saving you’ve just found what you’re looking for. Especially for you we created our AW-2100 Master Kitchen Set!

The Master Kitchen Set comes with:

  • Detachable slip-resistant base with suction feet will fix the processor steadily on the tabletop. Switch knob of the base will safely lock the work bowl of the set.
  • 1.8L square work bowl allows processing both small and large food volume. Transparent body helps to control the cooking.
  • Lockable top cover ensures that all the food and liquids will not splash or leak out from the work bowl.
  • Turning handle provides one-hand operation.
  • Chopping blade of stainless steel will let you chop, mince, blend and mix with ease.
  • Detachable egg white separator and egg whip will easily make mousses for desserts and mix the dressings and sauces.
  • Spinner sieve will dry vegetables and herbs for the perfect salad.
  • Additional grater board turns the kitchen set into the multifunctional grater.
  • 4-blades grater set consists of classic slicer, wavy slicer, coarse shredder and two-way julienne slicer – everything you need for creating delightful dishes. The set comes with stylish blade box for safe.
  • Safety food holder will protect your hands while slicing.
  • Juicer will help you to make the cup of fresh orange juice.
  • Plastic lid will turn the detachable work bowl into a handy storage container.

So let’s look what this smart device can do!



For vegetable and fruit chopping you need to place the triple stainless steel blade in the working bowl, add some food, close the lockable top cover and twist the turning handle. The longer you twist the handle the smaller sliced pieces you will receive. For smooth chopping process we recommend to cut the vegetables and fruits to pieces before placing them into working bowl. You can steadily fix the device on the tabletop by slight pressing it so that the suction feet of slip-resistant base could stick to the surface. The base is connected to the working bowl with special lock mechanism. You can easily lock and unlock it by moving the purple button on the front side of the base. Top cover with turning handle has secure rivets to fasten it to the working bowl. All these anti-sliding and lock systems guarantee steady processor operation without shaking and accidental opening.

In a minute using of the Master Kitchen Set you will have fine chopped vegetables for a salad or fruits for a dessert. You can make a mix for the delicious omelet by adding a couple of eggs to the working bowl during the vegetables grating. Besides, the square shape of the bowl provides the comfortable pouring of the mix to a fry pan or a bakeware. And if you chopped more vegetable than you need at the moment, you can just detach the working bowl from the slip-resistant base, cover it with the flexible plastic lid and put it into refrigerator.



Place a plastic whip in the working bowl, break there a couple of eggs, lock the top cover, turn the handle several times and perfect omelet mix will be ready. If you want to whisk the egg white into fluffy cloud egg separator at the top cover will be very helpful. This detachable separator can be used with any other cup or bowl. With AW-2100 Mater Kitchen Set you will make the amazing meringue base or vanilla cream for your dessert just within 5 minutes!



Our Smart Kitchen Set has an additional grater board with the set of four blade-insets. The blades are stored in the special box and you can easily interchange them. Wavy insert will help you slice the vegetables in beautiful squiggly pieces for the salad. With the coarse blade you will fast and easy grate the carrot for sautéing or frying. Classic slice inset will provide perfect cutting for your salad. And two way julienne blade will help you to prepare the vegetables for Asian recipes.

We want to warn you that all blades are very sharp and you should always use safety food holder while slicing.



AW-2100 Mater Kitchen Set also has a citrus juicer. Its cone shape provides comfortable juicing both from small lemons and large grapefruits. Special filter system won’t let fruit puree and pits get into your drink.

This smart device will also help you make refreshing fruit cocktail! Put the triple stainless steel blade into working bowl, several ice cubes, lock the top cover and turn the handle several times. Then put the chopped ice from the bowl to the glass, add some freshly squeezed juice and just enjoy the delicious cocktail!


AW-2100 Mater Kitchen Set has all the functions of the electric food processor but without electricity consuming, working noise, endless disassembling for cleaning and requiring enormous space for storing. Besides all parts of this device are dishwasher safe.

So here we’re finishing our review of Master Kitchen Set. But we think that all its functions, features and secrets can be completely demonstrated only in the working process. That’s why we decided to publish detailed photo-recipes with our devices application on the pages of our blog to show how useful and timesaving they can be.

Augustin Welz® team sincerely hopes that high quality, multiple functions and simplicity to use will make AW-2100 Mater Kitchen Set your true cooking companion for many-many years.


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